Your home working environment

If you work from home, you have both power and responsibility over your personal work environment. You can tweak it and customise it to suit your needs. But it can be easy to overlook the essentials.

This three star rating system makes it simple to assess the quality of your work environment.

⭐️ The essentials

  • An internet connection at least 1Mbps up and 2Mbps down. Take a speed test

    • Fix this by upgrading your broadband. this is not expensable for tax reasons, but is already factored into your salary. Think of it as the cost of getting to work, but instead commuting by train or bus you take the internet, which is a lot cheaper and quicker for you. In just the same way you need your method of getting to work to be fairly reliable.

  • A chair and desk that meet minimum health requirements:

Fix this by buying an adjustable chair and desk that fit your proportions. See How to choose an ergonomic chair

⭐️⭐️ Productivity

  • A quiet and distraction free work environment.

  • Good natural lighting

  • Your optimal working temperature

⭐️⭐️⭐️ Optimal comfort

  • An internet connection at least 2.6Mbps up and 4.0Mbps down.

  • A healthier chair and/or desk option. For example: Standing desk, or an exercise ball.

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