Pre-qualification questionnaires

Some sites, such as the UK government digital marketplace, require suppliers to fill out a questionnaire demonstrating their skills and experience relevant to the project. This is designed to reduce the workload sorting through no-hope submissions.

Filling in the answers can be be repetitive, uncollaborative, and dull. This is our process to support collaboration and efficiency.

Selecting an opportunity to apply for

  1. Log in to the Convivio Zapier account via that extension (details in 1Password)

  2. On an opportunity webpage, hit the extension button and select "DOS Website to PQQ Airtable"

  3. This will send the opportunity to this Airtable, which adds the opportunity under the "Considering" workflow status.


  1. Review the opportunity with the team.

  2. Decide if you should go or no-go. Update the workflow status accordingly.

  3. Once an opportunity moves beyond the "Considering" status it is parsed and the opportunity questions to answer are scraped and added to the answers tab.

  4. This also creates an opportunity deadline event in the Google Calendar "Convivio Sales". This is integrated in our "Sales" Slack channel.

Filling out answers

  1. Under the answers tab, create a view that only displays the questions for the opportunity you're working on.

  2. We tend to go over the answers first and make notes on who would be best to answer these questions if they have specialist or unique topics.

  3. Open the Search for previous answers view. This allows you to Cmd/Ctrl+F throw all answers we've submitted, to reuse and adapt

Submitting the application

With the answers completed well before the deadline someone can submit the application. Visit the opportunity page, and click on the apply button. The login details are in 1Password.

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