Our Clients

This is the way we identify prospects, approach them, engage them, inspire them, reassure them, and win their business to turn them into a new client.

First, we have principles for building new client relationships.

Then, the recipe we follow is:

  1. Researching: We identify a client we might want to work with. We learn about the organisation, identify key contacts, research their market and strategy.

  2. Connecting: We connect with the main contact(s) at the potential client, and begin to build a relationship.

  3. Nurturing: We nurture the relationship, building trust and understanding, and actual value, until there is a mutual wish to work together.

  4. Assessing: When a good contact presents a potential opportunity to work together, we review it to assess the 'fit'.

  5. Learning and Thinking: Together we've identified a potential opportunity to collaborate, and here we seek to learn enough about it to create a sensible proposal. Then we think around the problems and best approaches.

  6. Proposing: We create a proposal document, presentation and anything else that helps the client to understand our proposed approach.

  7. Agreeing: Together we agree a plan of action for the collaboration and capture this in a contract to support the relationship.

  8. Beginning: We provide a smooth transition to active delivery of the proposal.

To create this recipe, we've drawn on many sources of inspiration, and it can be worth going back to these roots to learn more.

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