Sprint Review

This is what it’s all about. This is the team’s chance to show off the results of all their hard work. This is where we get to see the latest instalment of the potentially shippable product.

The sprint review (often called the sprint demo) is a demonstration of the features developed during the sprint. It takes place on the last day of the sprint. For business transformation projects this is an ideal opportunity to invite the wider business team along to see for themselves the work that is being delivered by the team. This is a great communication and training tool. It’s a chance to get people involved, let them play with the new functionality and ask questions, provide their feedback and get a better understanding of the work that is taking place.

When it comes to the demo the delivery team will provide this. The Scrummaster and the Product Owner will also be there to support the team to help answer questions from the wider business.

The demo will walk the audience through each of the completed stories. Each of these can be a live demo (if you dare!) or it can be a pre-recorded screencast. Just be sure to choose the most effective way. If the wifi in the client’s office is poor then prepare a screencast. If it’s good then try a live demo. Functionality shown in a live demo is often far more thoroughly tested!

Build relationships and encourage feedback

This is a good time to build relationships with the wider team, to speak to people individually and as a group. Use this time to help people understand what’s being delivered, encourage them to provide feedback and suggestions for improvement, talk to them about how this fits in with the larger programme of work and where the development plans to go next.

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