Once we have presented our proposal to the client we then need to agree to work together AND agree on the way in which we'll work together and what we'll do - or agree that there isn't a good match.


Either way, we'll want to do a thorough retrospective of our process at this stage

Steps to take

  1. Schedule a retrospective with everyone from Convivio and our partners who were involved in the process.

  2. Use the retrospective worksheet (the link is to the template folder, there will be a copy in the google drive folder for this opportunity)

  3. Step through discussing the points, and looking for outcomes at the end


If we're agreeing to work together, a contract should be put in place to support the successful collaboration, not just to deal with imagined future problems.

In agreeing the contract we should remember our principles for building new client relationships, and our 'delivery recipe'. The contract must be compatible with these.

It should also be balanced and fair. It is not a partnership if the contract is not balanced.

It's likely that there was a gap between what the client thought they would buy, and what we proposed. It's important to make sure any difference is explained, understood and agreed at this stage.

Sign off

We only proceed to the next stage, beginning the relationship and our work together, once the contract is signed.

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