People Analytics

We are a small business at the moment but we want to grow. Most importantly, though, we want to grow in a healthy way, which reflects our values, motivations, ambitions and overall purpose.

In order to do that, we are beginning to track some important pieces of information about who we are and what we're like. Knowing this information will inform our actions and decisions as we grow. We call this People Analytics.

See the introductory blog on how we understand people analytics, and why and how we're using it.


This is a summary graphical representation of our People Analytics in August 2020.


This is a summary graphical representation of our People Analytics in April 2019.

See the introductory blog about our people analytics for an overview of the 2019 data: How we’re using people analytics to grow a healthy agency.

UK Working Age Population

For comparison, and to understand how we stand in relation to the UK population at large, below are some charts taken from published UK national statistics.


Ethnicity data for the UK working age population presented here is taken from the 2011 census, published at and available online at the GOV.UK Ethnicity Facts and Figures site.

The 2011 census grouped the ethnic diversity of the working age population into five main groups.

Each of the those 5 main groups above had a number of sub-groups. We've used shaded colouring for comparison.

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