Prototyping Outputs

  • User stories These are likely to be at an Epic level, as it's too early to break them down into granular detail.

  • A prototype, or prototypes, of key elements For example the user interface may be prototyped separately with a simulated backend response, while the technical backend may be prototyped without a polished user interface, simply to explore how two backend components interact. The prototype will be rough and ready — just enough to test the ideas with some users. It will not be suitable for wider public use, and the way it is built (fast and cheap) won't be suitable for building on top of in the build (Beta) phase.

  • An understanding of how to design an accessible service, and help those with assisted digital needs Prototyping involves testing with users with accessibility needs, or at the very least testing with assistive technology — so document and demonstrate what was learned. Also, what likelihood is there of users not having access to, or experience with, suitable connected technology? Will offline service or support be needed?

  • Recommended KPIs for the service How will success be measured once the service is in use? How will you know it is serving user needs and meeting the organisations goals?

  • Updated details of organisational goals, requirements, constraints; risk map; etc Capture all the learning from the prototyping phase about the project.

  • A plan for the build phase Including the recommended design and technical approaches, funding, team composition.

  • Other recommendations It is perfectly valid for recommendations from a prototyping phase to include stopping the project, doing another discovery (If prototyping has invalidated or not validated the findings of the original discovery, or found other routes to explore), doing another prototyping phase, siimply buying an existing product rather than building one, or anything else.

All of this needs to be captured and handed over in a way that assumes the same team won't just be picking it straight up again to do a build phase. How would we want to get a handover from another team that had done a prototyping phase?

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