What do we do?

Why does Convivio exist?

Our purpose is to ‘fix work’ — helping organisations work well for people.

That’s a pretty huge, long-term purpose, and we don’t yet know quite what it will end up looking like — so we’ve developed a strategy of where to start, and how to sense and evolve our way towards that long-term future.

Our starting place is as a digital agency that works for the public sector. Currently, we help engaged public servants make their organisations work well for people through the services they provide via digital channels.

We’re always working on making our own company work better for people too.

So Convivio is the perfect workplace?

No, sorry, we have all sorts of problems! We’re just a group of human beings working together, with all the normal challenges that come with that. Ups and downs. Good days and bad days. Celebrations and frustrations.

But we are actively trying to think, research, learn and experiment with how to work in much better ways. We want to model better ways of working and share them with others.

One of our long-term goals is to be recognised as the best place to work in the UK, but we have soooo far to go.

What do we do for clients?

We are a digital agency that uses a combination of service design, specialist consulting and technical expertise to help clients explore valuable complex problems, and potentially to develop digital services as part of solving them.

Our clients tend to need us because of the specialist skills we have, our broad experience gained by working across many different projects in different sectors, our established process and tools for exploring complex problems, and our collaboration skills.

They want us to work closely with them in exploring the problems and solving them together. We call this being ‘one team’.

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