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In this phase of delivering the product, we take what has been learned in Discovery and Prototyping, and we begin to build the digital product itself:
  • Inputs to Build: What we need to ensure is in place in order to start this phase.
  • Backlog Management: Gathering all the user needs, prioritising, and ensuring there is the right information.
  • Backlog Scouting: Working ahead to ensure the
  • Sprint Planning: Starting each sprint by taking the highest priority backlog items and planning how to deliver them.
  • Sprinting: The day to day work in a build sprint.
  • Sprint Review: At the end of the sprint, reporting on what was done and demonstrating the thing.
  • Sprint Retrospective: Learning from the sprint, and looking to improve the way we work.
The Build phase is also known as 'Beta' in the public sector.