Submit Expenses

Expenses can be sumbitted simply by using the ReceiptBank app. Download this to your phone or tablet. You will have received your account details by email.

Personal Expenses

Personal expenses are costs incurred that relate to your job, paid for with your own money. They will mostly include travel, hotel and food. Where you've purchased hardware or software, make sure that expense has first been peer reviewed in Slack.

Make sure that you receive a VAT receipt so that this can be claimed back by the company. If you receive a payment receipt and an itemised receipt for the same expense (e.g. a hotel receipt) be sure to take a picture that includes both items.

When you pay using a company card or a personal card, the card details will be automatically picked up from the receipt.

With the ReceiptBank app simply take a picture and submit it. That's it. No need to fill in forms or anything else. Just make sure the picture you take is clear and includes the full receipt, or both parts of the receipt.

Company Expenses

If you receive a receipt from a service provider for e.g. a meeting room, simply upload this receipt in the same way you would a personal expense.

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