Delivery Launch

When we launch a new client process it's important that we start it right. We want to demonstrate the way the client can expect us to work for the whole life of the project by being extremely professional and very collaborative and transparent.

The process picks up from the 'Beginning' phase of the New Client Recipe. Once those steps are completed, we carry on here:

Project kick off meeting

Organise a project launch meeting with the client team and our team.

Objectives of the meeting are;

  1. Agreement of the aims of the project, and the contents of the project brief in '{project folder}/10. Project Launch'

  2. Identification of any constraints

  3. Agree communications channels and project tools

  4. Communicate with the delivery team roles and responsibilities, if required arrange a day to work with the product owner to provide peace of mind


Getting documents prepared is key to the smooth running of the project these are all in the directory created in the 'Beginning' phase.

  1. Prepare the project budget spreadsheet with all the details agreed in the contracts

  2. Capture details in the 'key people' sheet in '{project folder}/10. Project Launch'

  3. Create a project welcome pack to outline a summary of the project, the team, the objectives and where and when meetings are to be held


  1. Book out all the necessary dates for Convivio team members in our Float Schedule

  2. Identify any holiday booked for the Convivio team and also the client team which could pose project risk

  3. Agree and book planning, review and retrospective meetings inviting all team members to calendar invites


  1. Set up communication channels / project tools that we and the client can all use. By default these will be:

    1. Slack for chat

    2. Github repository for code

    3. Jira for project management

    4. Google Drive for documents

  2. Set up an email group for the project with the format 'project-{PROJECTNAME}' using the google groups functionality, add all team members and provide permissions for those ouside of convivio

  3. Send the project launch email, from the template '{project folder}/10. Project Launch/Project Launch Details'

  4. Post that same text in the slack channel and pin it to the channel

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